April 2022

April 2022 Short Segment - To get to the start of the segment, take Borton Landing Road east to Salem Crossing Road and make a left onto Salem Crossing. The segment starts at the point where Salem Crossing Road turn 90 degrees to the right and ends at the entrance to John Pryor Park.

April 2022 Long Segment - Start at the intersection of N. Stanwick Rd. and Sentinel Rd. Follow Sentinel in a clockwise direction as it loops around and intersects with Deerfield Terrace. Make a right onto Deerfield, a left onto Eaglebrook Dr., and then a left back onto Sentinel. Follow Sentinel back to the start where it intersects with N. Stanwick.

April 2022 Trail/Park Segment - Look closely at the map! Start at the entrance to John Pryor Park and complete a counter-clockwise loop around the park. The entrance to John Pryor Park is located on Salem Rd. (nearest crossroad is Hartford Rd.)