February 2022

FINAL February 2022 Results**Scroll down to see the February 2022 Segments**Click for the video preview of the February 2022 SegmentsFebruary 2022 Super Bowl LVI Pop-up Challenge - 6 Winners!Please select "Run" as your activity in Strava, even if you are walking. That will allow us to monitor all activities on one leaderboard.
SHORT Segment (.41 miles): Starts @ Stanwick Ave & Oak Ave. Run west on Oak Ave. until it intersects with Chestnut St.Link to segment on Strava
LONG Segment (1.77 miles): Starts @ Mill St. & West Walnut Ave. Take Walnut to Iron Post to Bartram to Mill...back to the intersection of Mill and West Walnut.Link to segment on Strava
TRAIL/PARK Segment (.41 miles): Back trail at Swede Run Fields Park. Walk/run the trail counter-clockwise.Link to segment on Strava