January 2022

January 2022 Results**Scroll down to see the January 2022 Segments**Click for the Video Preview of the January 2022 SegmentsPlease select "Run" as your activity in Strava, even if you are walking. That will allow us to monitor all activities on one leaderboard.
SHORT Segment (.42 miles): Starts @ Parry Ave. & Wagon Bridge Run. Go UP Parry to the intersection of Parry and Prospect Ave. You have to go up Parry starting at Wagon Bridge Run to get credit for completing the segment. The Parry Ave. street sign at the intersection of Parry and Wagon Bridge Run is missing. I am working to get it replaced, but until then, just look closely at the map to make sure you actually run up Parry Ave. if you are trying to complete the segment. Directions to the intersection of Parry Ave. and Wagon Bridge RunLink to segment on Strava
LONG Segment (1.08 miles): Starts @ Haines & Pleasant Valley. Go up Pleasant Valley, right on Somers, left on Highland, right on Kings Hwy (which turns into Main) to intersection of Main & Church.Directions to the intersection of Haines Dr. and Pleasant Valley Ave.Link to segment on Strava
TRAIL/PARK Segment (.13 miles): Esther Yanai Preserve. Walk the trail marked with white paint. Start at the trail entrance on the right as you enter the parking lot. The segment we are tracking is about halfway through the trail. Just follow the trail markers and your segment activity should be captured by Strava.Directions to Esther Yanai PreserveLink to segment on Strava