March 2022

March 2022 Short Segment - Start at the intersection of Golf View Road and Park Dr. Proceed north/north-west on Golf View all the way to the intersection with Bridgeboro.

March 2022 Long Segment - Start at the intersection of Riverton Road and Pheasant Field Lane. Run/walk Pheasant Field, traveling clockwise around the loop (stay to the left) until you reach the end of the segment which is back at the intersection of Riverton and Pheasant Field.

March 2022 Trail/Park Segment - Start at the north end of the dead-end access road. Run/walk south on the access road and proceed around the back stop of the far baseball field. Continue behind the back stops of the next two baseball fields, then proceed up the slight incline. At the top of the incline, make a right, and run a lap around the track, traveling in a counter-clockwise direction. Complete a full lap and continue running on the track until you reach the second gray concession/storage shed. That will insure that you have reached the segment's end point.

March 2022 Scott Coffee 8K - Pop-up Figure 8 Challenge Segment (happening on 3/4/21) - Start at the intersection of Bowling Green and Colonial Ridge. Go north on Colonial Ridge. Make a left on Covington Terrace, a right on N. Shirley, right on Devon, right on Colonial Ridge, right on Covington Terrace, left on N. Shirley, and left on Bowling Green. Follow Bowling Green back to the intersection with Colonial Ridge, the end of the segment.