MRWC Program Information & How to Register

WHAT IS THE MOORESTOWN RUNNING & WALKING CHALLENGE (MRWC)? The MRWC is a year-long, Parks & Recreation program where residents participate in “segment races” through streets or trails/parks in Moorestown. The goal is to get Moorestown residents to be active and explore the town in a healthy way...with a bit of competition to keep things interesting! Running/walking will be done at each member’s own pace and time.
MRWC members’ segment times and number of completed segments will be recorded using the Strava app (, with challenge winners determined at the end of the year.
HOW DOES IT WORK? Participants sign up through the Moorestown Department of Parks & Recreation Registration Web Site --
  • $20 registration fee paid to Parks & Rec when you sign up for the program. Parks & Rec will administer the program, create “segment races,” and provide status updates throughout the year.
  • FREE Strava account OR optional $60 annual Strava Summit membership. The Summit membership provides individuals with additional personal performance tracking features, but is not required to participate in the MRWC Program --

Parks & Recreation will add everyone who registers to a private MRWC Club on Strava. Each month, three new segment challenges of varying lengths will be added to the MRWC Club on Strava – short segment (½ mile or less); long segment (1 mile or more); trail/park (i.e. stretch of Pompeston Creek or lap around the track at Memorial Field).
WHAT IS A SEGMENT? A segment is a designated running/walking course either on the streets, running tracks or trails within the town limits. For example - the hill on South Stanwick Ave from Oldershaw to Main could be considered a segment.
While out on a run or walk, if someone travels over a segment, the details are recorded through their smart watch or gps device (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc.) and automatically uploaded to the Strava app (a user will need to sync their device to Strava). Inside the app, each segment will have a leaderboard that ranks MRWC members who match the GPS trace between the defined start and finish.
COMPETITIONS - What’s a challenge without some competition? We will determine winners based on a few different criteria:
Speed Legend - The winner of this category will have run a segment faster than any other MRWC member in a particular month. This, of course, is a challenge for runners only. There will be a men's and women's winner.
Segment Legend - The winner of this category will have completed a segment more than any other MRWC member in a particular month. Time is not a determining factor in this category.
Distance Legend - The winner of this category will have run/walked more miles than anyone else during a particular month.
Moorestown Legend - The winner of this category will have run/walked more miles than anyone else over the course of the year.
Other Annual Competitions - MRWC members will be recognized for hitting mileage totals for the year -- 365 or more miles, 500 or more miles, and 1,000 or more miles.
Pop-up Competitions - Additional challenges may be added throughout the year.